Maho       Oakada


自身のバンド、Mahogany Organ Allstarsにて、2016年日本最大級のジャズコンテストである札幌シティージャズ パークジャズコンテストにて、グランプリを獲得。



国内での活動では2017年長澤まさみ主演舞台 キャバレーにて、全公演ドラムを担当。






共演者 (敬称略)



ウィーンジャズフェスの様子が 月間ウィーンに取り上げていただきました
・JAZZ LIFE(4/14売) インタビュー&CD評
・JAZZ JAPAN(4/22売)インタビュー&CD評
・ギターマガジン(4/13売) CD評
・キーボードマガジン(4/10売) CD評
・夕刊フジ(20176/21) オルガンジャズ特集
・道新スポーツ(4/20前後) インタビュー
・北海道新聞(4/20前後) インタビュー
・FLYING POSTMAN PRESS札幌版(4/下旬) インタビュー

・NHK FM「JAZZ TONIGHT」(4/下) ゲスト出演
・NHK FM「横浜サウンドクルーズ」(4/下) ゲスト出演

・CDジャーナル.com(4/19) 記事

Born April 15, 1992, born in Kanagawa, Japan Tokyo based female drummer, she is widely active in lots of genre from swing jazz to Latin, funk, rock, hip hop as an endorsed drummer by Drum manufacture Ludwig Drums and Regal Tip of drum stick company. In her own band Mahogany Organ All-Stars participated in various domestic contests and won the Grand Prix at the Sapporo City Jazz Park Live Jazz Contest, Japan’s largest jazz contest held in July 2016 and in 2017 summer, the appearance to the European jazz festival is decided. In addition, as a member of the Tokyo Brass Style that debuted majorly from Universal Music, and toured in Taiwan and Mexico with attracting more than 2,000 audiences. Besides, she has performed in Paris, Spain, U.S. and other countries all over the world. With well-known actress, Masami Nagasawa in 2017, Maho Okada was selected as the drummer of the stage Cabaret directed by Matsuo Suzuki and has toured from the EX theater in Tokyo and throughout the 6 cities in Japan.

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